Horizon Motorhome DIY Drawers

Nola, 65, from Geelong has always had an adventurous spirit and 18 months ago, she decided to purchase a ‘Banksia’ Horizon motorhome (which she has fondly nicknamed Fiona) and start traveling around the country with her cat, Polly. Since then she has clocked over 22,000kms and is currently on her way up to Hervey Bay to watch the whales and visit family. She will then head down the coastline of NSW and back to VIC. 

Even before the purchase of her Banksia, Nola had loads of road trip and camping experience and was ‘rather sick of all the plastic camping kitchen gear’ – especially how it changed the taste of her favourite wine and champagne. So, she decided to come up with a plan to take all her favourite wine glasses and crockery and head to Bunnings. 

Photo credit: Nola Fort

It was there that she found a 900×600 sheet of felt covered marine board in the plywood section. She also grabbed herself some silicon, a silicon gun, and a Stanley knife. She went home and designed herself some fabulous custom drawer fittings that held her crystal wine glasses, pots, pans, lids and crockery.

Photo credit: Nola Fort

Since she has come up with that idea, she hasn’t broken a single thing whilst on the road. Good on you Nola – we love your clever DIY design.

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