The Built-In Specialists

All BCMC vehicles are built-in van conversions; constructed into the vehicle shell with no alterations to the structural integrity of the vehicle, delivering benefits such as maneuverability, enhanced fuel economy and the feeling of safety. The driving experience is like that of a comfortable family car.

Broaden your Horizons

The owners of BCMC are also the owners of Horizon Motorhomes, designed and manufactured in Ballina and sold through BCMC to motorhomers all over Australia. With BCMC you have the confidence you are buying straight from the manufacturer, you can talk to the people that are building your motorhome, tailor it to suit your needs and even watch it being made.

There are a total of 8 models consisting of 4 Fiats and 4 Mercedes Benz in the Horizon range.

The MelaleucaBanksia, Banksia+2 and Casuarina are the Fiat based models. The Melaleuca is the smallest and most popular of the fleet and particularly popular with females, most likely due to it’s sleeping arrangements and size – it can be parked in a standard car-parking bay.

The Mercedes vehicles (Acacia, Wattle, Grevillea and Waratah) give you extra length and more versatile layouts. There are now three 4WD options in the Mercedes range, allowing the more adventurous traveler to take their motorhome off-road and venture to places a standard motorhome or caravan cannot go. Wishing to ever-perfect the product range, Clayton Kearney, owner of BCMC and Horizon road tested the newest 4WD, the Waratah in 2014. He took his wife and two teenagers on a 12,500km round trip to the Kimberleys, taking in some of the roughest terrain.

Every Horizon motorhome is built with precision by a team of passionate craftsmen paying particular attention to the little details. All vehicles are pre-wired for accessories such as air conditioning and solar power, are double-glazed throughout, have plenty of storage and environmentally friendly toilet (SOG) systems. Only the very best quality parts are used.


If you’re just starting out in your motorhome career, a Frontline Campervan is an ideal choice. These built-in van conversions use Toyota Hiace and VW T5 Transporters as the base vehicle and there are a total of 6 layouts to choose from. Each vehicle is built to be comfortable and compact, using clever interior design.

BCMC stock a wide range of spare parts specific to Horizon and Frontline vehicles.

You’re in safe hands

  • BCMC are renowned for their excellent customer service and going ‘above and beyond’.
  • 6 free nights free camp accommodation with every purchase, the BCMC team are on hand to help you get to know your new vehicle over those first couple of days.
  • Take advantage of the on-site workshop for your future servicing needs
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty (or 200,000km)
  • 3 year warranty on workmanship of motorhome
  • Warranties on all appliances in the motorhome

Horizon Waratah pictured