Longtermer Update – iMotorhomes Magazine – July 2015

One Night Hardstand

iMotorhome Magazine recently wrote about their ongoing review of Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina.

‘The last two weeks have been quiet for our long term Horizon MotorhomesCasuarina (Cassie) due to the rushed arrival and reassignment of our own motorhome. However, we did manage to sneak away for a night and escape the frosty winter chills of the Southern Highlands for a sunny afternoon and cool overnight by the sea at Shellharbour, south of Wollongong.

The good thing about having a motorhome sitting on the driveway and mostly packed is the ability to get away at short notice. Last Friday – another impossibly clear winter’s day with a heavy morning frost – presented itself as an ideal short-notice opportunity. Within an hour the pantry and fridge were stocked, the water tank topped and the iMotorhome office packed into a bag, ‘just in case.’

We were gone by lunchtime and managed all of a kilometre before dropping into a neighbour’s for coffee. Their driveway narrows in the final stretch, encroached upon by fruit trees reaching out to vehicles passing by. It’s no place for a coach-built motorhome, but a smaller van conversion like the Casuarina is compact enough to thread its way through. This ability to reach more out of the way places makes exploring in a van conversion all the more fun.

Whizzing through Bowral and out along the Illawarra Highway to Robertson, we turned right at the famous Robertson Pie Shop – a dowdy tourist trap selling overrated
and overpriced pies – and onto Jamberoo Mountain Road. Banned to vehicles weighing more than 10 tonnes; trucks, cars with caravans, and any vehicle more than 10 metres long, this is a scenic ribbon of road that eventually plummets down the face of the Illawarra Escarpment and deposits you in the rural village of Jamberoo.

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Longtermer Update - Issue 75