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AL-KO ATS (Anti-Theft System)

What is it?

The AL-KO ATS is an ideal theft/security device which also allows owners to share their whereabouts, providing peace of mind for their loved ones. Installed in a hidden spot in your RV, the AL-KO ATS is fitted with a global GPS tracking device, which provides real-time tracking via web, tablet or smartphone. The device transmits its position every 15 seconds and stores your travel history data including the distance travelled & stopping time.

An AL-KO ATS can provide peace of mind for RV owners’ family and friends who can use the owners login details to track where they are. This is brilliant for those worried about their loved ones on the road. The AL-KO ATS can transmit a location even in remote areas without mobile reception which helps assure family and friends that you are safe.

The AL-KO ATS features a Geofence Alarm Feature which alerts the owner when the device has moved beyond its defined ‘parking spot’, with precision tracking to 5 metre accuracy.

All ATS packs come with 12 months connectivity included*.

*Monthly fee of $12.99 after the initial 12 months.

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What does it involve?

The unit can be charged up or hard-wired, and with the press of one button you’re away.

Users can download and utilise a free app (available for iPhone or Android) to receive alerts or track their journey via their smartphone. When there’s movement you’ll immediately see the device moving on your screen in real time, with an accuracy of approximately 5 metres.

The AL-KO ATS can only be purchased and fitted by a licensed dealer.

How much does it cost?

The AL-KO ATS can be purchased and fitted for $650.

Insurance Benefits

Some of Australia’s leading insurers may offer price reductions for new or existing caravans, campervans or motorhomes fitted with AL-KO ATS. For more information speak to your insurer.


AL-KO offer a $500 theft warranty. If after the purchase, installation and activation by an Authorised dealer, your AL-KO ATS protected asset is stolen or not recovered, and a theft claim is accepted by your insurance company, you will be paid $500* to help get you back in action sooner. 

*The $500 theft warranty is offered through Black Knight.

For more information call our Service Department on (02) 6681 1007, or email service@bcmc.com.au.