It really is all about the quality…

John and Lynette Andersen of Hervey Bay purchased a Horizon Motorhomes “Grevillea” and collected it from Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre (BCMC) in Ballina on Tuesday February 7th, 2017.

John and Lynette have many years of travel experience on the road and decided to make the switch from a caravan to a motorhome for ease and convenience.
The lovely couple said that they ‘wanted something practical, with ample living space and enough height for John and his 6’1 frame to easily fit into’.

Lynette noted “It really is all about the quality for me. Nothing else we looked at compares to the customisation and craftsmanship put into all the important details of the Horizon vehicles. Every Horizon owner we spoke to was very pleased with their motorhome”.

John agreed by saying “The fact that you have been around for so long is very important to us, especially in regard to follow up service and upholding warranties. You have won so many awards recently, you are obviously doing something right”.

It was an emotional moment as Clayton and Mark handed over the keys. Lynette was holding back tears as she hugged both team members, thanking them for the support and helpfulness throughout the entire process.

It was a pleasure working with you John & Lynette – we wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear about all of your travels.

-John & Lynette Andersen, owners 600th Horizon Motorhome

Happy Horizon Customer

My Melaleuca Horizon Motorhome is put together so well, and it’s practical, every bit of space is used, and is useful.

Helen declares she loves to travel, and despite her early discovery that she is ‘allergic to camping’, she is now a proud and happy owner of a Melaleuca Horizon Motorhome. “In my younger years we did some camping in a tent and I thought “this is not for me”.

Although being Sydney based, much of Helen’s work takes her to areas in central Queensland. It was the constant travelling back and forth that set about Helen’s exploration for an alternative to flying and staying in motels.

Enter Horizon Motorhomes! Helen admits she really did her homework: “I took my time, I read everything about everything”.

“It took about 3 years to make the decision because I wanted to make sure I had the right vehicle”.

Helen attended camping shows and did her research online and the thing that she kept going back to was the Melaleuca.

“What I wanted was a vehicle that I could park anywhere, and something that is ideal for someone traveling alone”.

“With the ‘baby’ because she is 6m long or just under it means I can park her anywhere and that for me is the joy. That’s perfect”.

At just under 6 metres long, the Melaleuca is the most compact of all the Horizon Motorhomes.

“It’s small – but it doesn’t feel it on the inside”.  

“The thing I loved about Horizon was their simple and effective designs”.

“There would be whiz bang things in other vans, but I like things clean and practical and that’s the thing about Horizon I kept coming back to”.

“It’s put together so well, and it’s practical, every bit of space is used, and is useful”.

As her motorhome was being built, Helen visited the Horizon factory and met craftsmen behind the scenes that were building her motorhome.

“Horizon have happy staff, “I got this feeling from them that they loved what they did and they did it well”.

Overall Helen has found her Melaleuca “suits me down to the ground”.

“It’s easy to clean, which is good because I’m not really domestic!”

Helen bought her Orange Melaleuca through Jack at BCMC. “At Easter in 2014, I went to Ballina and sat down with Jack. I had seen the white, pale blue and gold motorhomes (none of which were me), and here was this orange melaleuca”.

“I remember saying ‘I like the orange, Jack’, I was insistent on an orange Melaleuca”.

Nowadays when working out in central Queensland, “People wave at me madly – because they know the orange van”.

After adding flyscreens, a bulbar and surround sound, Helen finds her Melaleuca Motorhome is perfectly suitable for living in, which she does for 10 months of the year.

“It is just the best thing – the best thing I’ve ever done”.

– Helen, owner of a Horizon Motorhomes Melaleuca

John and Lyn Bendell

We love the comforts of our Horizon Motorhomes Banksia. 

For 22 years John and Lyn Bendell have been repeat and valued customers of BCMC.

In 1994, John and Lyn called into BCMC, or Ballina Campervan and Leisure Centre as it was known then, to buy curtain clips for their campervan on their way through Ballina on a holiday. It was then that they saw a “lovely van” sitting on the showroom floor.

When they left Ballina on that holiday they didn’t come away with curtain clips but a brand new 1994 Frontline Campervan instead. It was love at first sight! John and Lyn bought their camper from Ron (Clayton’s late stepfather), who they described as a real gentlemen.

John and Lyn had that Frontline Campervan until 2010 when they traded it in for a new Frontline Campervan from BCMC which they bought from salesman Ken Bowden. John said “when we were going to change we didn’t bother going anywhere else – we went down (to BCMC) and had a look and that was it”.

That Frontline Campervan served them well for six years but after campervanning since 1985, John and Lyn thought it was time that they moved up to a motorhome. Early 2016 they traded in their Frontline Campervan for a Horizon Motorhome – a Banksia – which has a few more comforts.

John and Lyn did their research “when we were looking for a new motorhome we found Horizon Motorhomes were far superior to the other motorhomes that are around as far as the quality of the build is concerned. Horizon Motorhomes certainly offer everything, and we are getting a bit older and want a few more comforts. We were looking for a motorhome which had a bed made up all the time and a permanent dinette area.” They found the perfect match in a Banksia Horizon Motorhome, which is built into the Fiat Ducato base vehicle.

It was also their years of experience with BCMC that helped make John and Lyn’s decision. “We have had no problems over the years and we have had great service with BCMC. The staff have been excellent”. In terms of their new Horizon Motorhome, “Sharon was excellent with the build of our Banksia just keeping us up to date with what was going on, and Clayton came and saw us when we were taking delivery”.

John and Lyn are looking forward to hitting the road with friends of theirs from South Australia who also own a Horizon Motorhome. Their friends found Horizon Motorhomes at the SA Caravan and Camping Show where they saw a Casuarina. “They went away and looked at a few things and decided on a Horizon Motorhome as they found them far superior from the other manufacturers” John said. John and Lyn are looking forward to travelling in their Banksia together with their friends who have bumped into other proud Horizon Motorhome owners – the Leyland’s! A Horizon Motorhome Convoy awaits!

– John and Lyn Bendell, owners of a Horizon Motorhomes Banksia 

We no2014-12-22 09.13.27-1w enjoy the ease of set up and drivability of a Horizon Motorhome.

“We used to own a tent and campervan both stretching back to the 70’s – caravans are too cumbersome on the road. We now enjoy the ease of set up and drivability of a Horizon Motorhome.

We love the ability to quickly get organised to get out on the road. We keep our travel clothes packed. We only need to turn on the fridge and fill with fresh food. We make sure we have everything we need for a week’s worth of camping and then we ‘Go Bush’! Caravan Parks are used sparingly! Being self-contained in our Casuarina gives us the freedom to find peaceful and quieter spots! We do lots of ‘sight-seeing’ in between a bush camp session, stopping just overnight en-route.

We chose to go with Horizon Motorhome partly because we’d dealt with them before, getting annexes for our previous second-hand camper (not purchased through them). We were impressed with their product and after-sales service then (1999). We also prefer dealing with local businesses and did check other options before our final decision was made.

We went with the Casuarina because it was the best option for us – the extra length providing our preferred layout with positioning of fridge, a bigger ensuite and larger cooker separate from the sink.

When choosing the Casuarina layout this meant we chose the Fiat Ducato base. The Fiat’s extra width/length ratio suited us as very tall people. We wanted to stick with the size of van that would be most versatile in terms of ease of parking in towns and in finding bush camps.

For many years, we’ve popped in and out of BCMC to look at the Horizon Motorhome as we like keeping up with the trends. We’ve always been made welcome and been able to chat without feeling pressured or a nuisance because we weren’t ‘in-the-market’.

Since becoming ‘active’ in exploring the possibility of actually buying a motorhome we’ve found them very responsive to our process. After multiple visits, turning up with family and friends, lots of measuring, questions, and indecision around the options, the team at BCMC and Horizon Motorhome dealt with us with patience and humour! I really appreciated being involved in making some internal cupboard design changes to suit my desires. Those aspects give a great deal of long-term satisfaction with the end result. After sales service has been exemplary! The odd teething problem was solved with no fuss and no bother approach.”

– Gina Francis, owner of a Casuarina Motorhome, or more familiarly known as ‘Rina’

IMG_1572We’ve come to require more ‘homey’ comforts.

“We purchased the Horizon Motorhome Banksia based on a Fiat Ducato van. This is our first ‘owned’ motorhome, although we’ve hired motorhomes in the past. So we were familiar with the motorhome lifestyle when we purchased our new (and first) home. We previously owned campervans, but we found them too small over longer travels and as we’ve grown older we’ve come to require more “homey” comforts.

Our Horizon Motorhome Banksia allows us to travel in more comfort; space and we can leave the bed made up. The Banksia model has the larger kitchen and also the benefit of a shower and toilet.

We previously owned a VW campervan and traded in our last for our new Horizon Banksia model motorhome. The motorhome lifestyle allows us to travel where we want to and stay in free camps, as well as meet other wonderful travellers along the way. We chose the Fiat Ducato over the Mercedes model, because of the excellent reports that we have read, as well as, the numerous other travellers that we have met who have praised the Fiat models for their reliability, comfort and fuel economy.

BCMC have the most pleasant and well-informed staff of all of the major brands of motorhome dealers that we have contacted over the past twelve months. We have attended most RV shows on the eastern side of Australia in the last twelve months and the staff at BCMC have certainly been the most professional and friendly that we have encountered. Their service has been exceptional.

For anyone looking to purchase a motorhome or campervan, we would tell them to do their homework and determine what their requirements and expectations may be and then talk to the staff at BCMC.

We are currently in our home base at Moruya. We have travelled around Australia twice before and will now head off again in our Horizon Motorhome, most immediately to the Hunter valley to enjoy a few Chardy’s. We have spent the past 40 years travelling in tents, caravans, campervans and now our new Horizon motorhome and don’t expect to stop for many years to come.”

– Paul and Robyn Raward of Moruya, New South Wales. Owner of a Horizon Motorhomes Banksia.

IMG_9313We absolutely love the motorhome lifestyle – it is completely stress-free.

“For about 3 years we were looking for a change in lifestyle. We’ve never owned a campervan or motorhome before but wanted to try it – so we headed to Ballina to BCMC (Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre,) and that is when we saw the beautiful Spanish Red Grevillea built into the Volkswagen Crafter (2008)* and simply fell in love.

We went on several holidays in our van and within 12 months, we decided to rent out our home for good and go on the trip of a lifetime. We never thought we’d be on the road for 8 years, but we couldn’t be happier and we’ve never looked back! We are very happy and light travellers.

At the moment, we are residing in Cranbrook, where my wife and I work for about four months at a time, sorting potatoes. For the next three months we will be heading to Tasmania to run an off-site storage for grain and for the remainder of the year, well, we’ll do whatever we like to.

We absolutely love the motorhome lifestyle – it is completely stress-free. It gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want. If we aren’t happy with our job, we can just pack up and move on to the next location.

We’ve looked after our vehicle over the past 8 years and it is still in very good nick. We have had so many great comments about it. We can’t even pull in for petrol without people asking to have a look at it.

During our time of owning the vehicle, the service has been excellent. When we phone up BCMC and speak to Rob and the team and they are always more than happy to help and will go out of their way to help us. I really couldn’t speak highly enough of them. We’ve built a wonderful friendship over the years with them.

BCMC‘s after sales service is exceptional, we’ve had a few minor problems over the years, like a water pump breakdown, and as soon as we phoned to let them know, they express posted a new one straight away.

We’ve mentioned BCMC to our friends and have had business cards in our car to hand out on our travels. According to the sales team, we’ve given BCMC three sales from our recommendations.
– Garry & Fiona Jones, Cranbrook QLD, owners of a Grevillea built into Volkswagen Crafter 2008. 
*The Horizon Motorhomes Grevillea is no longer built into the VW Crafter. The Grevillea layout is now built into the Mercedes Benz Sprinter EXL

IMG_1060We love the freedom and simplicity that comes with van life…

“It all started back in 2007, when my wife and I kept passing Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre, specialised dealer of campervans and motorhomes, on our travels north and when coming back down the coast to their home in Taree. We didn’t have a lot of money but were keen to purchase our first campervan, which would become the first of many. So, we went with the cheapest option, a Toyota Hiace Frontline Campervan, which we purchased from Clayton Kearney and his team at BCMC.

Since then, we’ve had three vehicles and they have all been Frontline VW Transporter Campervans purchased from BCMC. Our first one we bought in 2009, which we then traded in for a brand new version in 2010, then after having our last one for 5 years and our mileage running up around the 100,000km mark we traded it in for the very last 2015 T5 model in Australia with no mileage and a freedom fit out. This vehicle had lots of space, we brought the back up for storage so we have the ability to sit inside the vehicle and read the paper and relax and we only need one port for our clothing.

What we loved most about the VW van was the space and it didn’t need much in the way of customisation, additional extras or features; we just needed a vehicle that would suit the two of us. They are much wider vehicles, with a wider bed to sleep comfortably, with a walk-through cabin and storage down the sides.

We are light and limited travellers and don’t need much to keep us happy – we don’t need to pull up at powered sites, as there are two big batteries in our vans. We limit ourselves to a radio, no mobile phone or computer. We generally stay in touch with our family from time to time, but because some areas in Australia need a satellite phone we don’t worry and just call when we get to a park. However, we always take a surfboard. The surfboard is placed within the vehicle or slipped underneath the van when we are travelling.

Over the past 8 years with BCMC, we have built a very strong relationship and were so grateful for their support and help. They’ve always had a product we’ve wanted, we were after an affordable vehicle and with our wonderful experience with BCMC, we know if anything goes wrong they will be there, for spare parts, assistance, anything, they are willing to help. We’ve known them for a long time now. We could head to Sydney but we have got to know Clayton very well, we can trade vehicles, they have friendly service and it’s only a three-hour drive for us.”
– David and Bev McMahon of Taree. Owner of Frontline VW Campervan, August 2015

Donald & Lorraine Kirkaldy3This is our first motorhome.

“This is our first motorhome and to our surprise was Horizon Motorhomes 500th motorhome sold. We were excited to pick up our new vehicle and were even luckier to receive this news and with it came a gift – a bottle of Chandon Champagne and a Certificate stating we are the 500th Horizon Motorhomes owner.

Our new Casuarina is exactly how we imagined it – tailor made and hand-built to perfection. With a white gold exterior and an interior to match, with a few additional red hues in the seating, cushions and wall panels. And with an additional reversing camera for safe parking.

We were previous caravan owners but after running into several issues with our van along our travels to Ballina a few years ago, we called in to the BCMC showroom, in Ballina, to get assistance and this is where we spotted our first motorhome – a burnt orange Horizon Motorhomes and decided a motorhome would be our next choice.

After several months of conducting research on motorhomes, Horizon Motorhomes was our first choice due to quality, reliability, the in-built design and safety features and we also loved the freedom to move the whole vehicle with ease, backing it and parking anywhere and also the compactness of it.

We are set to travel in our new Motorhome later this year, heading to North Queensland during the remaining winter months, then on to the Great Ocean Road in the warmer months of Summer. But for now, we are just testing things out – finding out how everything works and where everything goes.” – Donald and Lorraine Kirklady of Toormina, Coffs Harbour. Owner of a Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina, July 2015

BCMC testimonial 1It has given me the freedom to just get up and go somewhere with the dogs...

“Before I purchased my motorhome I did have a few brands that I was considering at the time. Once I decided that I was going to buy a Horizon Motorhomes then all other brands paled into insignificance and it was then just a matter of what model to get and what extras’ to put in it.

The service, staff (including Robert and his team at the Horizon workshop) and quality product at BCMC was what made my decision to purchase a van conversion from them. Being a single female I wanted to have BCMC behind me once I was on the road. I knew I wanted Ken or the other staff on the other end of the phone should I run into trouble. It was the personal service, I felt I was not just another sale. Even now when I phone I feel part of a team not just another customer.

I enjoy and look forward to being in the van. I am always sad when I pack up to come home. My friends think it is fabulous and all agree that the Horizon Grevillea was a good decision for me to travel in. AND don’t think it too big for me. I like getting away to nice places for a few days here and there. I look for nice locations, dog friendly with good areas to walk and townships close by. I look forward to holidays.

It has given me the freedom to just get up and go somewhere with the dogs. It has made travelling for me ‘easy’. Through the CMCA I am meeting new people with similar ideas to travel which I need to do at this stage of my life.” – Sandra Whelan, Owner of a Horizon Motorhomes Grevillea*
*built into Mercedes Benz Sprinter ELWB

BCMC testimonial 1Appreciate the joy of having a motorhome such as this

“My god this thing can climb!!! I have just managed to climb the highest peak in the area – just. The back-right wheels were just spinning, at 5kph in low range. Rather exhilarating. I think I have found the limit to the Sprinter’s climbing ability – very impressive. The photo does not do justice to the steepness of the terrain.

I have only just started to appreciate the joy of having a motorhome such as this. The ability to get out into the bush, away from “the bustling crowd”, to camp at night with not a light in sight and hardly a sound; to be able to lie in bed and see the stars and moon, to wake in the morning to sunlight seeping through the trees and birds greeting the new day – I had forgotten how enjoyable all this can be.– Bernie Ashcroft, owner of a 4WD Mercedes Sprinter Waratah, October 2014



BCMC testimonial 1Its like family…

“We have been travelling this great country in our campervan for 16yrs every winter. Our 2nd Vehicle is a HIACE Frontline Conversion & we find that this size vehicle is ideal for the kind of places we love to go. We love the outback & it enables us to travel on the side roads and byways, also love the ease of parking in any shopping centre etc.

We had visited the Frontline showrooms many times as we have a brother living in Ballina & always found all the staff so friendly & cannot speak to highly of the easy change over to our new vehicle. We are completely happy with the van and the after sales service. Nothing is too much trouble and we still call in when through this way. Its like family” – Beryl & John E


BCMC TestimonialsSo simple for elderly people…

“Early 70’s VW Combi with 2 young boys, Then tents, small caravan, big caravan, then bigger caravan, then smaller caravan, then trailer tent then back packin g. Been looking in window at Ballina Campers thinking we might get rid of caravan (fuel economy kills you when the wind gets up).

The advantage of our camper is its so simple for elderly people – there is a lack of materials things personally one needs. There is a lack of frustration. Fuel economy and never too old to taken them on. Even big motorhomes appear hard – and we see people who are not enjoying themselves. We are and we are doing it cheaply” – Pat & Mike

The feeling of freedom…

“The feeling of freedom. The ease with which we could park either in the street or in the area that appealed to us for an overnight stay was wonderful. We should have bought our Horizon motorhome years ago”Barbara & Barry P

A great way to see the country…

“My Horizon ‘Acacia’ Motorhome is the second holiday vehicle I have purchased from Ballina Campervan and Motorhome Centre. The first was a Toyota Hiace with a Frontline conversion which served me well for five years. When deciding on a larger and completely self-contained vehicle, a Horizon Motorhome was my choice. Ballina Campervan and Motorhome Centre gave me a good trade in and I took delivery of my Horizon “Acacia” Motorhome in December, 2007. I find the Horizon ‘Acacia’ Motorhome on a Mercedes base very easy to drive, very economical on diesel and quite comfortable. The added extras, insect screens on the back and side sliding doorand solar pannels that I had fitted when the Motorhome was being built have been a great asset. The solar charges the battery even on the dullest of days so I am able to stay off power for any length of time. In 2009 I spent 8 months on the road travelling from Brisbane to Western Australia and back mainly concentrating on Western Australia. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and was very pleased with how the Motorhome travelled. It’s a great way to see our country. It is great dealing with the staff at Ballina Campervan and Motorhome Centre as they are friendly, caring, considerate and always ready to assist. Thankyou to all at Ballina Campervan and Motorhome Centre.”Joy Noyes

We love our Horizon Motorhome…

“ We have had our Horizon Motorhome for 2 years and love it. Our bed is across the back which suits us fine. We find there is plenty of storage space. The storage space shelf above the cabin is very useful. We did add a solar panel and an inner spring mattress. The Air con is very good. The night shades are excellent but do rattle a bit. We travel north from Victoria each winter and have been very happy with the whole performance of the vehicle and the economy. The ‘revolving’ seats are excellent and save a lot of space”Tom & Gladys Q (VIC)

Our VW Campervan is the most convenient…

“Hi fellow campervaners…We’re from Kingscliff, northern NSW and have just returned from travelling around Tasmania for a couple months. We’ve had great interest in our VW Campervan there and our response is always… “it’s fantastic”. We’ve mostly free-camped and found ourselves in some absolutely wild remote places (don’t need a 4WD). Taking a caravan to these places would be impossible, so we have the advantage of self-contained, self-sufficient access to many more places. We also use our VW pop-top as an everyday vehicle which enables us to take it into the cities and carparks etc. (best of both worlds), and it’s so economical on fuel (averaging 1,000 klms before refuelling). We’re experienced campers of many years having had a few caravans and tents during our many travels since the 1970’s, but find a campervan the most convenient of all. The huge rigs which many baby-boomers are getting around in these days must be such a burden and the fuel consumption a nightmare. You really don’t need to lug all that junk around with you…be organised and practical and you’ll have a much better holiday!!! Cheers and happy travels”The Dales

Two very contented travellers…

“We have had the time of our lives travelling to the SW of W A. Leaving Horsham Vic travelling through SA across the Nullabor down to Esperance up to Hyden then back down around the coast through the tall timber country, around to Margaret River up to Freemantle, then via Perth to Kalgoorlie and then back. The van was fantastic we were able to sleep in and pass all the caravans and arrive at the same destination before them!!! We used the camp kitchens at the parks and were able to meet up with other travellers. Taking our bikes was a bonus as we found lots of tracks along the beaches and around the towns. Since the trip to WA we have spent time at the Grampians Vic and at Albury NSW. The plan is to travel north and around Australia for this year. Two very contented travellers”Robert and Nola Hetherton